Where do I sell my books?

For many different reasons there comes a time when a book collection must be sold. Perhaps a death in a family, a new interest in a new genre or sometimes money is just needed.

In the old days, that is before the internet people would call there local book dealer and he would come to their home and after a bit of friendly haggling an agreement would be made.

Then came the internet. People figured out how to list on sites like Amazon or eBay, at first this was considered fun since the whole concept was new. As time progressed important factors that were overlooked started to become apparent.

For example, people were selling books considered first editions. I belive that more often than not sellers were simply uneducated but this did not help the buyer.

Tens of thousands of books were sold that and still are, that were never catalogued correctly.

Another factor was time. Not only do you have to list a book (correctly!) which can take up lots of time the more complicated the book, you have to take pictures, answer emails etc ECT.

I think your getting the picture that the trend is starting to reverse.

 From our own experience here at Abacus Books we are seeing more and more people calling us to outright buy their books. Let me give you an example of a recent acquistion.

We had a customer  whose father had passed away whocalled  us about purchasing his book collection. After talking to her for a while she admitted she tried the eBay thing.

“I’m a full time professional businesswoman” she exclaimed and went on to say that dealing with the constant questions about various titles was a full time job in itself.Let alone trying to describe and find the right buyers.

After talking to the lady, which Im sure we both bored her about the trade, we came to an agreement  on a price we both felt was fair.

I could cite many more examples but I think the point is clear. When you want to sell your used books, just  give your local book dealer a call.

My next article will be what to expect when dealing with a used book dealer.