Borders and the future of bookstores.

With Borders recently announcing their bankruptcy and a lot of local used bookstores closing down, some may wonder if it’s the end of the bookstore era.
Borders had a huge operation with a gigantic overhead and with the internet they were too late in the game. I always felt their employees were just that, employees and not people who liked books and therefore had no knowledge of them. Which in turn was a lousy experience?
Make no mistake these are tough times and I feel sadly that many more bookstores will close. With the local antiquarian bookstore or perhaps your favorite bookstore on Pearl Street closing down, this can be attributed as an issue of rent rather than customers not coming in the door.

I know of one store owner in Denver, whose rent alone is eight thousand a month. Combine that with employees, utilities and it’s a tough game to be in.

Rumors are circulating of high internet taxes on the way and with ever rising prices perhaps someday soon the bookstores will come back again in force.

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