Pricing your books online

Pricing your books online.
Though I have written on this subject before, I plan on this article to elaborate on internet pricing and how in my opinion it has caused major confusion among many people.
A few times a week I will get a call that goes something along the lines of “ I looked up some old books and saw they were listed for hundreds or even thousands of dollars online, ” I usually have to break the bad news that usually the books have no great economic value, which can also invoke the reply of “ But there is five of them listed at that price”.

Here is the root of the problem. When a person opens a business on main street USA, they have overhead, Rent, Utilities, Employs, Insurance and so on. The stores goods will be priced accordingly and fairly (most of the time) and the items sell.
Most online venues require no out of pocket expense unless the item sells. Beanie Babied listed for 3 million dollars? Not a problem. Readers digest starting at 4 thousand? There are tons of them.

So the question then becomes what is the real price? That is what an experienced book dealer will know. He will know the book or the subject matter or know someone in the trade that does. Based on hands on experience he or she will offer a fair price on what he believes it can sell for.
The online marketplace is flooded with people dreaming that someone is dumb enough to shell out five thousand dollars for a 1930’s school book no has heard of or wants. Or that a 5th edition 10th printing is something you should splurge on.

In other words, if you choose to research online and your book is priced between 10 cents and ten million dollars, realize you have a great reading copy in your hands.


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