Rare, Antiquarian, Antique and other words for old books.

As the title says there are many words that are used for old books. Are the all the same? What’s the difference between Antiquarian and an old book?

Generally speaking, if you want to read the latest thriller and don’t want to buy new copy, you will go to your library or local used bookstore and picked up a used copy for reading.

If that book is something you cherish then you will want the First Edition of it, therefore you have now entered the world of antiquarian books.

Simply put Antiquarian books are books that are collected as an object rather than the information inside of it.

First Editions, Incunabula (That is a book before 1501) are just some examples of Antiquarian books.

As always if you have any rare books, or not sure if your book is a first edition feel to call or email us.

Heres some trivia that you may find interesting!

Who has the biggest collection of Antiquarian Books and Manuscripts in North America?

A. The Library of Congress

What’s the most expensive rare book ever sold?

A. Codex Leicester. Bill Gates reportedly spent 30.8 million dollars on it!