Selling Books VS Trading Books

When you’re looking to unload a book collection one of the choices you may have depending on the book collection is whether to sell them or trade them.

Local Bookstores in Boulder or Denver will usually offer some sort of trade credit based on the books they take in. This is great for paperback novels and similar books that don’t have much economic value.
Once your credit is tallied up you simply pick out other books and usually pay nothing out of pocket.
Thirty years ago, Boulder Bookstores for example, would easily hand over cash for your books. From paperback novels to collected first editions, leather bindings etc.
Sadly those days are gone. Most bookstores are trying to keep ahead of rent and employees and usually just offer trade.

I know of one book dealer, now retired who had a bookstore in Boulder. It wasn’t uncommon for him to look through thirty or forty boxes a week and pay cash for them. Again, those days are gone.
Here at Abacus books, we still have the tradition of paying cash for books. And to make it even better we come to you. Feel free to call with any questions or to set up an appointment.


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