The book that is too good to be true

So you’re at home surfing on the internet and there it is. The book you always wanted and a bargain basement price. The seller’s feedback is pretty good and they have earned fancy titles such as “super seller” or something close to it.

You make your purchase, the book arrives and one of two things may happen. The book is what you expected or the book goes on the shelf and not till much later that you realize you have bought a book club edition or something else less desirable.

On perhaps the most popular auction site online, I recently observed three copies of John Grishams first novel being sold as the first edition.

Prices ranged from $ 3000.00 to $ 5,000.00 dollars. None of them were true first edition and sadly one of the auctions had some bids on it.

The point being is known what you are buying. If you have not bought from the seller before then its best to email them and open up a friendly dialogue.

Ask them how do they know the book is a true first? What identifying points are present that show the book is a first edition.

Wait for the response and use common sense before moving ahead with your purchase. There are some great bookseller organizations out there such as the widely respected ABAA and the RMABA that have been in business for many decades and have earned a lot of trust in the book community.

So when you find the book you looking for ask some questions and understand exactly what you are buying.


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