Kindle, Apple and E-books

Amazons Kindle was release in November 2007, since then the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX has come out. (Don’t you hate buying the new techno gadget only to see it replaced by a better model every 6 months?)

One of the features is of this device is to download thousands of titles from Amazon. Amazons most frequent downloads seems to be those that are out of copyright, thus either really cheap or free. Examples include, Anne of Green Gables, Christmas carol etc.

So now the question about more modern titles with major publishers. Will Amazon have trouble bringing in publishers?

In December of 2009 the publisher McGraw hill had an argument with Amazon. They were not happy that Amazon was allowed to set the prices of McGraw hills e books. Amazon was selling those and other publishers e books and taking a loss, hoping in return to build a loyal e-book reader following. In other words, lure people in with low prices and then gradually bring them up.

After this battle continued McGraw hill pulled all there e-books from Amazon. Apple was quickly there to let them know they could set their own price on their new device the Ipad.

In March of 2010 Amazon announced it would let publishers set their own price, but wanted the publishers to sign a three year exclusivity contract which most of the publishers balked at.

Only time will tell about this e-book pricing war that’s going on between the two biggest distributors, Apple and Amazon and the publishers they need to bring in the revenues.

What are your thoughts? Let me know.