Where do used bookstores get their books from?

So you’re in your favorite used bookstore in Denver and you see some really nice books in a glass case. Where did they come from is a common question that will be asked. Though there are a number of ways these books are collected by used book dealers, I thought I would share one of the ways they used to be bought.

A trade publication called AB Bookman’s weekly was a magazine that a used and rare book dealer could list in. Generally they would have two listings. One for books they were looking to buy and the other for books they wanted to sell.

There was an editor’s corner where an article on the book trade or a short interview or comments from a famous author was shared.

Another feature was a list of upcoming antiquarian book fairs and such.

Starting in 1949 this was the premier magazine for book people.

Sadly their last publication was in 1999 as the internet quickly replaced the print version.

A bid to try a digital version was tried for a short while but quickly disappeared.